Plans for Christmas 2016

We’re getting ready to purchase tickets to Belarus for our Christmas trip this December. If you’re considering joining us, please contact Anatoly Kushnar about travel dates. Please pray for us as we ready our Christmas program and raise funds to purchase presents for several thousand children!

Summer 2015

What two words can you use to describe a mission trip? Stress and blessings! Begomel, Orsha, Ryacno, Bogyshevsk, Rechetsa, Dyatlova, Druya… the distance between these locations is several hundred miles. Hundreds of children. Over 40 volunteers from America, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan; all from different cultures, all different ages, but all united in one desire: to […]


The provincial town of Ryasno is located in… the middle of nowhere (as the saying goes). Even calling it a “town” would be a bit of a stretch of the imagination. It’s more akin to a village, as less than a thousand people live there, and has been standing since at least 1335 A.D. Near […]

$5 Donation = Christmas Gift

The title says it all, a $5 donation equals a Christmas present for an orphan! Here is your chance to put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas.  It’s not just any gift…there is a message being delivered with it too! To donate click the “DONATE” button on this page.   …for God loveth […]

Under Construction

Back in February 2010, we asked you to pray for the Slavinksi family after their home was destroyed in a fire. Two years after the fire, enough funds were raised to begin construction on their new home. Once completed, this house, with its central location in Belarus, will serve as a touch point and safe […]