Scrap metal drive

(source) We’re collecting scrap metal to raise money for Christmas presents for orphans in Belarus. If you live in Southern Maine and would like us to stop by and take care of your “junk,” please email us at! What is scrap metal? Anything made of metal: tractors, lawn mowers, bed frames, car parts (and […]

The power of prayer

We’re often asked how we raise money for our camps: how we manage to host several camps simultaneously while providing children with fruits, treats, clothing, and all of the equipment necessary for sports and craft activities. There are two primary ways: 1. We pray. God still performs miracles! He’s answered our needs from the beginning… […]

Christmas 2010

We need your prayers and your help. This December we hope to pass out close to 3,500 presents, costing roughly $5 apiece, in Belarus and Russia. We’ll be returning to the orphanages and children’s homes that we worked in this past summer. We’ll be returning because we want these children to know that they have […]


Grozovo, Belarus 2007 . It seems like just yesterday that we stepped off of the plane and onto American soil once again. Thoughts of 2010’s summer trip seemed far away… and yet here we are, just five short months away from our next summer camps. Time has gone by quickly, and the days will contnue […]

Donate a baseball cap!

(source) We are in need of new, or like-new, baseball caps! The children (boys and girls) love to wear them! Please keep an eye out for them in stores… and if you have any hanging around the house, let us know! If you have any questions, email us at: We can arrange a pickup […]