Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday is only accessible through our memories. For someone it is 10 years, for others it is 20, and still for others it is 30, 40 or perhaps even 80 years. We cannot return that time, or correct it, nor can we add to it. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow—technically, tomorrow […]


With time, much is forgotten—like a dried flower lost between the pages of a book, or a yellowed letter that is only dear to the one for whom it was intended. Souvenirs. Sometimes you receive a card or a postcard and you try to mentally live those events so distant from your own reality. Allow […]

Sasha’s wheelchair

In May we wrote about our friend Alexander (Sasha), who for the majority of the last ten years has been confined to his bed. After graduating from school, Sasha and his friends decided to go swimming. Sasha dove into shallow waters and hurt his spine. Today he can use his hands very minimally—he is able […]

Kirill {a testimony}

When we go on a summer mission trip we think that we are going to bring, to share, to teach. The truth is, we are the ones who learn, who get blessed, who receive. Tolik, the leader of our ministry, once told us once that in Heaven there would be no tears, and therefore, no […]

Small Slivers of Joy {a testimony}

A beautiful, large building… everything around it very well kept and uncommonly pretty… we slowly turned in the direction of the front entrance and I was immediately struck by the incredibly beautiful snowflakes and characters from various stories, cartoons, and fairy tales, all carefully cut out from snow-white paper, that decorated the windows. It seemed […]