His blanket is still bunched up on the floor where he left it. The children’s Bible is open to the last story that we read together. There are fruit-snack wrappers squirreled away under his bed; a stray blue flip-flop rests on the porch– it has been there for days. Under his bed there are little […]


Last year, for the first time ever, I decided to go on a missionary trip with “Hand in Hand” missionary team. Although my brother and sister had gone on missionary trips multiple times, I never got a chance to go until now. The trip was really amazing and there is a lot I could tell […]

Remembering the Noise

Noise. Every night before I can fall asleep, I have to have music playing in my room. I cannot fall asleep unless there is some kind of noise. In Belarus, I had as much noise as I wanted. The children would climb up onto me and scream “Everyday planes fly away,” a song that we […]


The thing about working with and for orphaned children, is that sometimes you lose sight of what’s at stake. In the middle of seeking out donations and hosting Russian dinners, washing cars and searching for shoes and candy on clearance… you sometimes have to stop and remember why you have chosen to do what you […]


“When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the Lord will take care of me.” Psalms 27:10 Orphanage for young children, Bobruisk, Belarus: Fifty or so little children, all under the age of six. All waiting for a home; all waiting for a mother and a father to return for them, or perhaps for […]