Plans for Christmas 2016

We’re getting ready to purchase tickets to Belarus for our Christmas trip this December. If you’re considering joining us, please contact Anatoly Kushnar about travel dates. Please pray for us as we ready our Christmas program and raise funds to purchase presents for several thousand children!

Summer 2015

What two words can you use to describe a mission trip? Stress and blessings! Begomel, Orsha, Ryacno, Bogyshevsk, Rechetsa, Dyatlova, Druya… the distance between these locations is several hundred miles. Hundreds of children. Over 40 volunteers from America, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan; all from different cultures, all different ages, but all united in one desire: to […]

The Power of Prayer

Every year, our church prays over our group before we fly out to Belarus. And every year, members are given the chance to sign up to pray for 30 minute blocks so that our ministry is prayed over 24/7 while we are away. If that’s not a blessing, we’re not sure what is.

And we’re off!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our last big fundraiser before the start of our summer camp season. The Russian Dinner was a success! Please pray for our mission teams as they begin work in Belarus this June. We are hoping to host nine summer camps this season and will have the opportunity […]

Winter Trip 2013 – Complete

We are thankful to God for yet another blessed Winter Trip to Belarus! Hand in Hand is also thankful to everyone who participated this winter to help spread the the good news of Christmas. Our Mission is grateful for all the prayers, financial support, and devotion taken to give a child in need a present […]

The Elderly and the Disabled

During the last few years, we have had the chance to visit several facilities for the elderly and the handicapped. While our primary mission is geared towards working with children and youth, we make an effort to visit these lonely men and women when we can. This particular “home” was for both the elderly and […]

2010 Christmas play

Every Christmas we travel to Belarus (and oftentimes to another country as well. This year it was Russia) to pass out Christmas presents, retell the Christmas story, and to remind the children that there are people in this world who love them very much. Instead of merely telling them the story of the first Christmas, […]