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A Hand Up

Friends, meet Anastasia, or Nastia for short. Nastia has spent her life in orphanages and despite her young age, was recently transferred to an institution for the disabled and elderly. Due to her health, Nastia has not been given many chances to flourish in a vocation of her choosing, and so her independence has been severely limited.

But this hasn’t stopped her: Nastia has taken an interest in photography, and has been given the chance to learn under the tutelage of a professional photographer. However, she cannot afford a camera of her own, and has turned to her friends for help.

Would you consider helping Nastia as she struggles to make a life for herself– a life of independence, a life filled with goals? A life that every human being deserves: a life of meaning, a life of joy.

Click here to donate to Nastia’s fund via bank information or here via our paypal account (please indicate Nastia’s name in the message portion). Thank you for your financial and prayerful support!