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Christmas 2010


We need your prayers and your help.

This December we hope to pass out close to 3,500 presents, costing roughly $5 apiece, in Belarus and Russia. We’ll be returning to the orphanages and children’s homes that we worked in this past summer. We’ll be returning because we want these children to know that they have not been forgotten; that not a day goes by without us praying for them and thinking of them. We want them to know that we keep our promises: that when we say that we will return, with God’s grace, we will.

We’ll be visiting new orphanages as well… because the number of lost and forgotten children continues to grow each year, each month, each day; each hour. Because the world is full of children who need to be loved: children who need to know that there is a Father who has not forgotten them.

And so He sends us.

This Christmas, we prayerfully ask you to consider investing in the life a child.

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