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Christmas Treats Fundraiser 2012



It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner– why don’t you save yourself the hassle this season and let us do the baking for you? When you order Christmas Treats through Hand in Hand, you’ll also be giving to orphans this Christmas. Each $5 that we raise will go towards one Christmas gift for a child!

If you would like to have us deliver some homemade treats to your friends and family this December (or maybe you’d like those treats delivered to your own home? Don’t worry, we won’t tell), just click the Christmas Fundraiser button located on our home page.

Some of the choices…

-Chocolate chip cookies ($10/two dozen)

-Raspberry thumb-print cookies ($8/two dozen)

-Sugar cookies ($10/two dozen)

-Chocolate or peanut butter truffles ($12/two dozen)

Fudge ($8/1 lb.)

… and much more (including centerpieces and wreaths)!

(Please note that all deliveries will take place on either the 8-9th or 15-16th of December; you will be asked to indicate which date you prefer).