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Invite a child into your home this summer


“God sets the lonely in families”

Psalm 68:6

Can one summer make a difference in the life of a child? Can a month or two living with a family change the course of a child’s destiny?

We believe that it can.

Circle of Friends is working on behalf of orphaned children in Ukraine. While the doors are still open, we encourage you to consider inviting a child into your home this summer. Perhaps you have never been able to go on a mission trip, but have always had a heart for orphans. Perhaps you have felt a tug at your heart every time you read one more article, watched one more video, or listened to one more missionary remind you of how the children of this world need you.

We invite you to pray with your spouse, your children, your family… to see if perhaps you have room in your home and heart for a child this summer.

For more information about hosting orphans from Ukraine, please contact Circle of Friends directly, or write to Irina at