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“When my father and my mother forsake me,
Then the Lord will take care of me.”

Psalms 27:10

Orphanage for young children, Bobruisk, Belarus: Fifty or so little children, all under the age of six. All waiting for a home; all waiting for a mother and a father to return for them, or perhaps for a new set of parents to realize that their child has been waiting for them half way across the world.

Excited to have guests, they eagerly crowded into the room. When one of us reached out to shake hands with a little boy, they all clamored to be touched and petted, their hands seeking out our arms.

There were fifteen of us there that evening, but thirty arms were not enough to hug, hold, and comfort them… somehow, we all knew that nothing could ever replace the arms of a mother; the hands of a father.





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