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Urgent Need: Open Hearts & Homes for Children


“Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.”

Matthew 18:5

This past week we were introduced to Open Hearts and Homes for Children, a Christian non-profit working to give school-age children the chance to live with a family during their summer holidays. They are in desperate need of families who will step forward and open their doors to orphans from Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. They have been given approval to extend their deadline to May 15th, and many of the children have scholarships to help ease the cost of hosting.

Before you say “this just isn’t for us,” or “we’ll host next year” …please take into consideration the fact that this may be a child’s last chance to live with a loving family.

A message from John, a volunteer with OHHC: “What you will find should you chose to sponsor or host a child is a true feeling of joy … I kid you not. I have found when you open your heart to Our Lord to do His will – your life changes. If you are receiving this note your mission is to pause a moment – pray for the children; sponsor a child; host a child; pass this note along to someone who you think would be involved – please, for the orphan children.”

If you feel called to change a child’s life this summer, please do not hesitate to contact Open Hearts and Homes for Children.