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Reece’s Rainbow

We’ll have the photos from the Russian dinner up very soon, but until then we’d like to share with you the amazing orphan ministry that is Reece’s Rainbow.

Reece’s rainbow works with orphanages to create orphan profiles of children who have down syndrome, are HIV+, or have various medical conditions. Innocent, beautiful children who have been deprived of a loving home are featured on their website. What makes this ministry extra special is the fact that RR calls people to sponsor specific children. Each child has an “adoption fund;” if you happen to be browsing their Waiting Children section and a particular child’s story touches your heart but you are unable to adopt him or her, you can easily donate to that child’s adoption fund by clicking on the paypal “donate” button. These funds go towards bringing that specific child closer to his or her forever family. Why an adoption fund? Because the sad reality is that oftentimes, the only thing keeping these children from their families is the high cost of adoption.

Some of the children featured:


Charity (48)
Girl, Born September 26, 2008. What a munchkin! Big brown eyes. More photos available. Charity is a beautiful girl with Down syndrome. She was born with a heart condition, but has had corrective surgery and is healthy and doing well now. She is still crawling, and will greatly benefit from a loving family to encourage her development! Click here to donate towards her adoption fund!


Mayah (23)
Girl, Born July 18, 2007. Miss Mayah is a sweet munchkin who is HIV positive. Her medical records indicate significant tooth decay, but she is medically healthy outside of that. She was only recently registered, so she will be cleared for adoption in the summer of 2011. Commitments for her will not be accepted until after the first of the year. Click here to donate towards her adoption fund!


Wesley (16)
Boy, born January 31, 2008. From his medical records: internal hydrocephalus, multi cystic encephalomalacia, convulsive disorder, hernia, secondary cardiomyopathy, patent foramen ovale, anomalous chord of the left heart ventricle, secondary optic atrophy. Click here to donate towards his adoption fund!

…These are but a few of the many children waiting for loving homes. We encourage you to visit Reece’s Rainbow and to keep their ministry and these little ones in your prayers.