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The power of prayer


We’re often asked how we raise money for our camps: how we manage to host several camps simultaneously while providing children with fruits, treats, clothing, and all of the equipment necessary for sports and craft activities. There are two primary ways:

1. We pray. God still performs miracles! He’s answered our needs from the beginning… and has shown us that sometimes our needs are really only wants.

2. We organize fundraisers. This means anything and everything from car washes, bottle drives, bake sales, Russian dinners (and now lunches), selling t-shirts and calendars; to gathering scrap metal, selling flowers and baked goods during the holidays, raffles, cake auctions… the list goes on. We never underestimate the power of prayer, but we firmly believe that sometimes God wants us to get our hands dirty!

We’re always open to new suggestions for fundraising (just email us at if you have an idea you’d like to share with us)… but most importantly, we are always in need of prayers. That’s why we ask our friends and families to join us in praying and fasting the last Monday of each month for the work being done on behalf of the fatherless children of this world. We’re not asking for you to pray simply for us to be able to provide materially for these children– we’re asking that you pray so that these children will come to know their Father in heaven!

Dates that we’ll be fasting and praying for the remainder of 2011:




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