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The Elderly and the Disabled


During the last few years, we have had the chance to visit several facilities for the elderly and the handicapped. While our primary mission is geared towards working with children and youth, we make an effort to visit these lonely men and women when we can.

This particular “home” was for both the elderly and for those with disabilities. We were greeted warmly by familiar faces, and were thankful for the opportunity to bring them the story of Christ’s birth and some Christmas cheer.

The Christmas prior (2009), our program was delayed at this particular facility due to the unfortunate death of one of the men in the audience. It brought back the realization that we only have so much time on earth to due what we can, while we still can.


These type of establishments are home not only to older men and women, but also to disabled young people who age out of orphanages or who are deemed incapable of attaining a higher education. We have met so many beautiful young people at these locations, and it is hard to come to grip with the fact that if they only had someone to fight for them, then perhaps they would not be there… that if someone could be found who would speak up for them, then perhaps they would be given a chance at creating a life outside of the institution.