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Winter Trip 2013 – Complete

We are thankful to God for yet another blessed Winter Trip to Belarus!

Hand in Hand is also thankful to everyone who participated this winter to help spread the the good news of Christmas.

Our Mission is grateful for all the prayers, financial support, and devotion taken to give a child in need a present this year!

The program consisted of a Christmas play which encouraged the children to be neighborly and kind. We also sang songs and gave out presents!

We were able to tie in the message of Jesus Christ into the program even though there was slight oppression from the government.  

Please pray for Belarus and all the people we were able to share the gospel with.

God bless!

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2013 Winter Missionary Group

winter trip to Belarus'13 125

Olya and the children.

winter trip to Belarus'13 172


winter trip to Belarus'13 174

We were able to visit kids with disabilities.

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Happy to receive a present!