If you’re checking out our site for the first time because you were a recipient of our Christmas Cookie Fundraiser: welcome (and if not, you’re still welcome 😉)! We are a Maine-based ministry that has a passion for orphan outreach. We’ve spent over ten years traveling to Belarus (and on occasion other Eastern European countries) […]

A Hand Up

Friends, meet Anastasia, or Nastia for short. Nastia has spent her life in orphanages and despite her young age, was recently transferred to an institution for the disabled and elderly. Due to her health, Nastia has not been given many chances to flourish in a vocation of her choosing, and so her independence has been […]

Full house!

Sometimes we can’t cook the pelemeni fast enough. Sometimes the line stretches along the entire perimeter of the gym. Sometimes it’s loud (ok, ok… it’s always loud). Sometimes the sound system malfunctions. And yet, people still come. Feeling grateful to be situated in a community with a heart for orphans ❤️